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I'm a 18 year old musician who loves producing, recording and composing his own music, as well as covering some of my favorite stuff, most noticeably video game songs. I'm mostly a retro or PC gamer and I love it. I'm a former 3D modeler and I was working on a game engine written in Python, but stopped. I also help edit films.

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    Things Zoe Quinn has done:

    Used two posts on a single website as the sole evidence of an organized ‘raid’ against her.

    Ruined a free, for charity project led by another feminist that was meant to help more women get into the game industry, then put that person’s information online and…

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    Behold, the state of our industry, we should be proud.

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    http://gamesjournalismintegrity.tumblr.com/post/95213828961/to-be-clear-this-is-not-about-taking-action →


    To be clear this is not about taking action against one person, or to go through the murky underbelly of someone’s personal life. This doesn’t matter and recent events were really the straw that broke the camel’s back. This is about creating a set of standards for games journalism.

    Video games…

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